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Let the MADNESS begin! We have 2 FREE viewing party bluprints for you whether you host at home or the office.

To Download The FREE Hoopla HOME Viewing Party Bluprint (click the orange booklet) >

Host a Spring Basketball Party, once, twice or more! Three weeks of tournament play makes any day a good day for getting together with friends, family or co-workers to watch some good basketball. A viewing party is an easy and fun party to host, so create some “hoopla” this March. We have put together a game plan that will score with you and your guests!

This party is all about BASKETBALL and being a fan, so plan your menu around these two things and you’ll score big. The idea, of course, is to watch and eat at the same time, so serve food you can eat without a fork and knife. This menu features “bar food” favorites – items you would find in a sports bar. Topping the list of fan favorites are serious sliders, Buffalo wings, chips and dip, and popcorn. Whoop it up with your dessert and serve Whoopie Pies – a definite fan favorite. Finish strong in the fourth quarter with a must-have munchie, popcorn. It’s all detailed in the Party Bluprint!

To Download the FREE OFFICE Viewing Party Bluprint (click the orange booklet) >

A Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. Productivity Report reveals that our nation’s workers could spend more than 8 million hours watching games from the office. With this in mind why not embrace it as a way to build office morale and team spirit! We have put together a party game plan for you that’s easy to host at the office and will turn a few humdrum hours into big FUN!

If you host at home or the office send us your pictures we love to post them!

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